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  • YoungCity's new discord server is a place for all minor attracted people to chat. We are a non-offending group of childlovers. This community is where MAPs can connect with others like themselves, we offer and receive support in times of difficulty, as well as just enjoy a relaxed ambiance where one can have fun and not worry about being judged.

    To be a part of the YC Community, you must agree to follow these rules:

    1. Do not ask for or post child pornography of any kind. This includes -- but is not limited to -- virtual, graphical or drawn child erotica. Any talk about how or where to access such materials, or requests for such materials, even if legal in your jurisdiction, is absolutely not allowed. This will result in immediate termination of your membership with us.


    2. No offensive or sexually suggestive usernames. If you do, your name will be changed immediately. You can then request a new name with a staff member in the #support channel. If you have a site account, you will be required to use the same name on both.


    3. No sexually suggestive avatars of any kind.


    4. You must be a Minor Attracted Person (nepiophile, pedophile, hebephile, or ephebophile).


    5. You must be at least the age of 13.


    6. No admissions of unadjudicated illegal activities are allowed.


    7.No talk about adult-child sex being fundamentally OK and only harmful due to societal attitudes and reactions to it's discovery, nor discussions of the topic. We will no longer allow this topic to be discussed in the Discord chat room.


    8. No sexually explicit or arousing descriptions outside of the #adult-content room.


    9. No disclosing personal information about anyone, period.


    10. If you disagree with someone's opinions, treat them respect. We do not allow any kind of flaming or hate speech of any kind here at YC Discord. We are a multiracial and multicultural group of people.


    11. No objectionable or demeaning images/videos: Posting images/videos is a fun thing on YC Chat. You may not post any images/videos that are erotic in intent outside of our adult content room. This includes nude images/videos, and images/videos that may be deemed sexually arousing, since such images/videos may be classified as potentially erotic, no matter how beautiful or innocent you may consider them. Images/videos that may jeopardize the chat server or its members, and images/videos that may cause undue controversy in chat.


    12. Advertising of other sites or Discords without permission from the Chat Moderation staff or above is not allowed and can get you removed from our server.


    13. If you require a mod to examine something at a specific time and you'd like to get a hold of us, you can type !alert in the chat room and it will send a private message to all chat staff or you can highlight @Staff which will get the attention of our staff as well.


    Adult Content room:

    We have created an #adult-content room for simplicity and allowing our older members a place to be more relaxed. This area requires a special role to be assigned to gain access. To see this role, you MUST be a member of the site, and 18. Visitors will not be allowed into the room. To request access, ask in #support.


    A list of what every channel is can be found in the #info room on the server.

    YC Chat is based on Discord, a very successful and modern chat platform whose main target audience are gamers. Discord offers a robust and modern chat experience across web, desktop and mobile clients. To register and obtain a username for Discord, please go to https://www.discordapp.com/register. Please fill in this form to request access to the YC Chat Server on Discord.

    NOTE: Reviewing completed forms and sending invite links is a manual process. Please allow some time and pay attention to your inbox since invite links will expire 24 hours after being issued. Also be aware that when you join, you will be in our incoming room for awhile so we can get to know you better. If you do not chat or aren't active, you will be removed from our server.



    If you are ready to apply, visit https://www.youngcity.org/register and sign up as a "Discord Visitor".